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Welcome, my unconventional conventionalists. - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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Ten Germans try to say the word “Squirrel”

This made my night.

ahhh this is really cute



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Coconut Crab

(Birgus latro)

Also known as the robber crab or the palm thief. is a large species of terrestrial hermit crab it can grow up to 9 pounds and 1m from tip to tip and can live up to 60 years , they are found on several islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean notable Christmas Island. it is the only species in the genus Birgus. they cannot swim and will drown if put in water which is a big problem for them as they lay their eggs in water. they eat coconuts (thus the name) fruits and nuts but will eat meat if given the chance. there are two morphs a reddish morph and a blue morph. there pinch is very painful and they will not loosen it’s hold. they are also known for a very very good sense of smell



My dreams of owning and living on my own island have been destroyed.

Build a moat around your house, they can’t swim!